Galaxy Communications is proud to own a strong and professional network with KOLs and influencers across all industries and sectors, from famous Class A celebrities with massive fans to Industry experts with profound knowledge in their own fields, from popular influencers to the well-known Micro and Nano influencers in their own circle of social media.

We have been accompanying our clients in deliver successful social campaigns by leveraging the impactful voice of these Influencers and together creating a surrounding effect on social media.


Decathlon – the largest sporting goods retailers in the world launched in Vietnam:

  • The first mega store was opened at Vincom Mega Mall Royal City (Hanoi) with 4300m2 shopping space.
  • The second one at Aeon Tan Phu (HCMC) with 2600m2 (HCMC) store

Decathlon provides over 14000+ products per region of 5000+ models that meet the needs of 70 sports.

Guest: Media, Vietnam Government, French Ambassador, Sport KOLs (Phan Văn Đức: U23 Vietnam; Bùi Thị Ngà – Volleyball Athlete; Thùy Oliver – Runner; Julia Duong Nguyen – Runner; Nguyễn Tiến Đạt – Runner)

The event also attracted  5000 people on 02 opening days.


A digital campaign for the launch of Kotex Soft, an innovative product with dual impact technology: softness and dryness. Kotex Soft was positioned as a ‘Best Of Both World’ product for the perfectionist girls.

Campaign successfully collaborated with 20 female and male KOLs, leverage their voices to effectively advocate Kotex Soft as the perfect choice for the perfectionist girls.

KOLs advocacy was spread through:

  • Adapting FB profile picture with Kotex Soft frame
  • Social discussion about having the Best of Both World
  • Product video reviews
  • Product placement in KOLs’ Facebook posts


On September 22, 2023, LOTTE MALL West Lake Hanoi, the largest commercial complex of LOTTE Group Korea in Vietnam, officially had its grand opening ceremony. Galaxy Communications had the honor of participating in this significant event as a media partner, assisting in the preparations, implementation, and enhancing the visibility of this large-scale project to the domestic media.

The event witnessed the presence of many important figures, including Mr. Shin Dong Bin – Chairman of LOTTE Group, Mr. Choi Young Sam – the Ambassador of South Korea to Vietnam, and Mr. Tran Sy Thanh – Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, along with hundreds of press agencies, journalists, editors, and reporters from major media outlets within and outside the country.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the communications industry and an extensive network of media partners, Galaxy Communications has become the bridge between LOTTE MALL West Lake Hanoi and reputable media organizations. The official grand opening event of this commercial complex gathered up to 60 journalists and reporters, attracting special attention from the media and achieving widespread coverage in over 50 major and minor newspapers within just 24 hours.


Since March 2020, Galaxy Communications has been appointed as a PR Retainer Agency for multiple brands from Johnson & Johnson Vietnam, starting with the world famous baby care brand Johnson’s Baby to its world favorite Neutrogena and Aveeno skin care brands. We play our role as strategic communications partner on integrated channels and platforms, from creative ideas to PR and Media relations, Fanpage management, Social engagement with Influencers and Communities. The partnership has just started and it is promised to be one of the most exciting and fruitful journey for both in the years to come.


  • TripU is the very first super travel app in Vietnam, invested and consulted by Vietravel – one of the top leading tourism companies in Vietnam nowadays. pioneering with travel technology, TripU provides all travel services with one-click concept, bringing a completed experience in travel booking for customers, re-defining the concept of traveling in the era of technology and promising to provide unique experience for customers.
  • Galaxy Communications role is to be the strategic partner of TripU and work closely with brand team to devise brand positioning, develop strategic integrated communications plan for TripU from launching in 2019 to sustaining during 2020.


The Challenge:

UNIQLO, the world famous apparel brand from Japan, planned to enter Vietnam market in the end of 2019 with the first store located in Ho Chi Minh City, following by Hanoi store in March 2020. For UNIQLO, Vietnam represents an important new market opportunity within SE Asia, which has become an important driver of their global growth. In addition, the opening in Vietnam marks a significant milestone in UNIQLO’s progress towards their objective of becoming the No.1 apparel brand in the world. These reasons increase the pressure to a successful launch of UNIQLO in Vietnam for both the client and agency teams, not only in terms of financial indexes, but also a must-win battle for brand share of voice, social buzz and public awareness, given the context of aggressive competition from other well-established clothing brands.

In this 10-month campaign, Galaxy Communications was appointed as UNIQLO’s PR Agency, who run the campaign on 3 integrated channels: PR/Media Relations, Digital & Social Engagement with Influencers and Event Management.

Our Solution:

Observing the current fashion shopping habits and dressing styles of Vietnamese people, which does not place importance on clothes’ comfort and its functional values of quality and longevity, we decided to approach the market with a single-minded direction: To elevate Vietnamese dressing style with a mind-changing perspective to practical fashion with LifeWear from UNIQLO – The brand of essential clothing, woven from innovative technology in fabric, best fit with simple yet elegance design and made to be accessible to all.

To deliver this message to public audience and target customers, we have mapped all relevant communications channels to find out the most effective touch-points to communicate and influence them, in which Media relations and Influencer engagement on social media would be the key strikes. The campaign started in May, leading up to the Store Opening day of UNIQLO in the first week of December, 2019 and intensified by the launch of UNIQLO in Hanoi in March, 2020.

The Outcome:

The launch of UNIQLO in Vietnam has truly become talk of the town when it was able to generate massive media coverage, endless social discussions from not only Influencers but also from the customers, attract 13,000 people coming to the store in the first one day. Though we started to engage with media 7 months prior to the launch the heat was never been cooled down but instead, spread out more and more to finally burst into flames. UNIQLO’s grand opening was soon becoming one of the top most-mentioned event on social media in December.


  • Total 435 News, exceed set KPIs 310% | 177 Editorials, exceed set KPIs 221% | 100+ Influencers
  • TOTAL REACH: 40,744,687
  • TOTAL PR VALUE: 1,138,978 USD



Vincom Fanpage used language from seller perspective and the contents were largely informative, which is not user-friendly and difficult to create two-way interaction and engagement for the audience.

Our mission: Communicate and build relationship with users on digital channels and propose effective strategy to reach more users.


Our strategy: create audience-centric contents that cater to the needs and wants of the audience. Turn Vincom Fanpage into a hub wherein audience can find useful contents about lifestyle, inspiration, tips and tricks, which go alongside with information about the stores’ events and activities. Apply new interactive formats: animated clip, 3600 video, GIF photos, carousel, etc., to better attract and recruit new followers.

Besides that, closely monitor and analyze fanpage data to improve its performance on a daily basis.


For 6 months: more than 500 contents

Total reach: 25,000,000

Total engagement: Over 1,200,000

Page Followers grew to 350,000



After buying ANZ’s retail segment, Shinhan bank has many challenges such as:

  • Relatively low brand awareness to individual customers in comparison to other foreign banks
  • Lack of engagement to build brand love and brand loyalty to Shinhan Bank
  • No difference in Product communications to highlight Shinhan’s unique selling points.

-Our mission:  Shinhan Bank takes the mission to become the biggest foreign bank in Vietnam with great ambition and passionate commitment to maximize customer’s banking benefits.


-Building TRUST as a platform for all communications message

– Sharing the Korean values and positive inspirations to the Vietnamese people through Coach Park Hang Seo & Xuan Truong Story on social network , PR series and POSM.

-Engaging with customers in their daily lives to feature products & offers on  BA’facebook & PR online.


  • Earned media: 438%
  • ROI: 242%



Almost people think that football is only for big fans who really understand it. But in fact, there are many youngsters who are “amateur fans” still want get themselves into the air of football’s festival. So, Pepsi Vietnam wants to bring another football’s spirit for anybody who wants to live in the air of football by their own ways.

Our mission: Create a campaign following World Cup 2018’s season with key message: “Pepsi inspires you to live football to the fullest with art and fashion”.


Based on insight: “Football is for all people. You don’t need to know it clearly to love it”, KOLs’ image is leveraged in viral clip, look book and Pepcoin game to intensify and spread the debate, then amplify through online PR activities. All activities diffuse Pepsi’s spirit: “Just live football, be young, be cool and be football”.


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